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 Jyothsna lives in India with her parents. She loves to read and write. Her admiration towards kids inspired her to write books for them.Jyothsna has loved drawing and writing since she was a kid. Watching her mom narrate stories to the neighborhood kids inspired her to write books.

After finishing her Bachelor’s degree, she had many different jobs. Before following her dream, she studied Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality management and after that she worked as a receptionist in hotels and different offices. She has even persued her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Montessori training, and after finishing, she worked in a Preschool. She adores kids a lot and loves to eat chocolates. 

Book Reviews

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Great Book

It was amazing. This is a great book for children. Even as an adult I found this to be engaging and beautiful. The imagery and the characters brought this story to life. I found the story to be touching and relatable. I enjoyed reading about the spiritual elements and this is something that I think would be beneficial for children.

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Interesting Story

The first impression of the book takes us to a majestic atmosphere and a special world of secrets and mysterious feelings. It is an organized book and forces you to respect every word of it. It offers a special vision for a writer who carries feelings and experiences behind every word she utters...


Innocent and Charming

The childlike innocence of the writing is quite charming, and the message of gentleness to the place you live and the animals that surround you is one that children will grasp easily. The religious references are uncomplicated and easy to understand.

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Alkemy Magazine Malaysia: a fledgling monthly webzine dedicated to news and issues in ECCE. They curate the best topical articles on the Internet and publish original content by professionals and apprentices alike. 

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Web Interview

I was interviewed by Dr Ajeet about my book where I shared my experience about life and my writing experiences. Please click the button to know more and stay tuned.

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Kidliomag Interview

Kidliomag is a kids literary digital Magazine and designed to spark your child’s interest in reading and writing. The magazine is a literary resource for parents and teachers. It supports all kinds of books and self-published authors through our marketing programs and services.

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